We come here to remember.

Elijah was two years old, and Aaron was five. Two brothers in a day care center, dropped off by a loving family member on a beautiful spring morning in Oklahoma City. Killed when Timothy McVeigh drove his bomb-laden truck into the Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995 at 9:02 am. 168 people dead; hundredsContinue reading “We come here to remember.”

Good morning, Amarillo

Good morning, Amarillo. It’s 6am. We wanted an early start for our drive to Oklahoma City today. I’m startled to find it’s still dark outside. I’m disoriented. It hasn’t been dark at 6am since March in Seattle. We crossed another time zone yesterday. We also crossed a terrain new to us; the Texas Panhandle.  Continue reading “Good morning, Amarillo”

Skyscape: clouds, wind, and thoughts on our country.

“We have ever-changing skyscapes” said a family member in Albuquerque, NM. “Walk around the block and the weather will change.” Monsoons let loose in one part of the city while the sun shines in another. The wind dances gently with a nurturing breeze and then in minutes erupts into a frenzy that rearranges the clouds.Continue reading “Skyscape: clouds, wind, and thoughts on our country.”

It’s just down the road.

  If journey is the movement from here to there, start to stop, begin to end, then place is the moment/moments between. We are the chroniclers of journey’s moments. We note and remember Place because Place is in the dominion of consciousness: we are, at every instant, located/situated in some “place” – in the particular.Continue reading “It’s just down the road.”