It’s just down the road.



If journey is the movement from here to there, start to stop, begin to end, then place is the moment/moments between. We are the chroniclers of journey’s moments.

We note and remember Place because Place is in the dominion
of consciousness: we are, at every instant, located/situated in some
“place” – in the particular. And that location, and we, are in
constant flux.

Each place is defined by its stories.
Every story is embedded in a place.
There is no place, I repeat, there is no place that is
insignificant or unworthy. Everyplace is filled with stories. We are their

Missoula, our first night just on our own. Our first
huckleberry shake. Watching a virtuoso fifth-wheeler navigating a tight gas
station. The loveliest RV park we’ve stayed at.

And so it goes for every day that has followed.

Every morning, as we start to some new place, I answer –
unasked – “it’s just down the road.” Well, it is…

And there is a story worth telling.

Bill Stalder


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