The longest journey ends with the last step.


We all know something about a journey. The movement from here to there. To start, to be on the way, to end. We know and we don’t know what it is to leave, let go and move on. To lose a sense of place, of the familiar and the known and to start a journey to something and someplace new. We have to let go of the old and predictable endings and grasp on to the sure knowledge that this life, which is the journey, will be and will end in some new way.

Let us be clear-the journey is not optional, are we alive for only a moment or many decades, it is, nevertheless, a lifetime. A lifetime bounded by start and finish. Our feet are always on the path. At root, the journey is not first in the realm of the conscious mind, of the “I”, but rather begins with breath, with breathing. It begins with our first breath and spans to our last. The space between constitutes the passage, the travel, the journey.

Bill Stalder

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