A Jetty Runs Through It. Water, Life & Transformation.

I stand on the rock jetty with the mighty Columbia River on my left side and the Pacific Ocean on the right. This is where they meet.  Where their separateness joins. The meeting of the waves is fierce as the surge of the river encounters the power of the ocean. There is a life metaphorContinue reading “A Jetty Runs Through It. Water, Life & Transformation.”

The Roadrunner, the River and the Border

They sit on a desert path bordering the Rio Grande River in Big Bend National Park in Texas: The “No Wall” cans for collecting money and the handmade wire roadrunners and scorpions.  Mexico is visible across the river. I put my $6 in a can and take a roadrunner.  I wonder who will retrieve the dollar billsContinue reading “The Roadrunner, the River and the Border”

It’s Worth the Drive: Part Two

A previous post, It’s Worth the Drive, was about the unexpected discoveries of food on the journey. Arguably, not everything is about food… We left Seattle on February 25th. We had a pretty substantial itinerary ready for us before we left.  So, not every stop we made was unexpected. Nevertheless, each stop held something special orContinue reading “It’s Worth the Drive: Part Two”