Two minutes of wonder; reflections on the eclipse

2017 Total Solar Eclipse
Photo by NASA

For two minutes today, the weariness of our country’s chaos, settled deep in our bones, got a respite. The separateness which we create out of our fears was loosened just a bit. With our differences in place, millions of us together turned our gaze towards the meeting of sun and moon. A rare opportunity to observe celestial alignment.

For two minutes and beyond, millions of eyes focused on a covering and an unveiling. To ponder what totality really means.  To perhaps wonder why we so seldom feast our eyes on the open sky – day or night – to see what it can teach us. Scientific explanations cannot obscure the mystery inherent to hearts and minds hungry for an expanded way of knowing ourselves and our world.

Even in the moment of total cover, the corona of the sun reminds us it is still there. Dancing shadows play through pinpoints of tree leaves, creating art upon cement where moments before, only ordinariness was present.

Paula Carter's eclipse pic
Picture by Paula Carter Henson

Wonder and awe ask us to set aside cynicism and despair to make room for something more powerful.  To engage our imagination in a way that surfaces new solutions to the real troubles and injustice that we face.

We all have two minutes a day with which we can be intentional. Multiplied by millions, radical change is possible. Two minutes daily can open us up collectively to banish hate and embrace love and justice. It’s a rare earthly alignment.  It is possible.

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